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The hunting derived target-shooting sport.

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This sport originated in the South African city of Bloemfontein during the early 1990’s. The unique concept of shooting competitions in field conditions soon attracted interest from all over the country and saw it develop into a full-fledged national sport.

There are thousands of active and aspiring hunters in the country who already own hunting rifles. Most other shooting sports are under pressure due to less support from government structures and some specialist target equipment may be required. Participation in Hunting Rifle Shooting requires only a hunting rifle in any center fire caliber. It offers excellent opportunity to hone hunting shooting skills since hunting conditions are simulated thereby contributing to ethical hunting practices.Distances are unknown and targets are life size pictures of popular hunting species, as well as steel discs where the terrain does not allow scoring of paper targets. A variety of shooting positions and natural rests representing hunting conditions are used.

The SA Hunting Rifle Shooting Association is a member of the SA Shooting Sport Federation and as such recognized as the only official hunting rifle shooting sport in the country. The SAHRSA is affiliated to both the South African Hunting and Game Conservation Association and the Confederation of Hunting Associations of South Africa. It is recognized as the specialist body for shooting of both organizations. The thirty thousand and fifteen thousand individual members of the former and latter organizations respectively, are mostly the source of our participants.

The SAHRSA is accredited by the SA Police Service (FAR nr. 1300039) as a shooting sport organization and therefore authorized to issue Dedicated Sport Person Status to its active members.
This sport has the potential to expand internationally. Interest from the USA, Europe and other African countries has been shown and some are already shooting under the same rules. Shooting/hunting organizations in the above or other countries are welcome to contact us for possible international competition.

The SAHRSA has some two hundred members and four hundred participants annually. It has ten branches countrywide, represented in all nine official provinces with an estimated total of thirty competitions on different levels annually including an inter-provincial competition, an inter-association competition and national trials.

This sport is very challenging and extremely satisfying. It is as enjoyable as hunting, at a fraction of the price. Every single competition has a unique range set up requiring a variety of skills from the marksman. The ultimate shooting sport indeed

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South African Open Championship 2012

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